Keith Hall
Born in England, 1938. Immigrated to Israel in 1967.

1954-1959 Studied typography and design at the Medway College of Art (Rochester, England).
1968 Studied water color techniques with Moshe Kagan at kibbutz Shamir.
1971 Studied at the Avni Art School in Tel-Aviv.
1975-1977 Studied at Neve Ilan near Jerusalem under the auspices of the American artist Ellen Milan figure drawing, landscape drawing, color and design.

One Man Exhibitions
1975-1985 Exhibitions at kibbutz Hatzor where he lived for 18 years, also exhibitions at many other kibbutzim in Israel.
1977 Ipanema art gallery Tel-Aviv.
1981 Tzavta cultural center Tel-Aviv.
1982 Kibbutz Artzi house Tel-Aviv.
1984 The Photographic art gallery Tel-Aviv.
1986 Tzavta cultural center Tel-Aviv.
1988 Artists cultural center Arad.
2002 The Israeli painters and sculptors association house in Tel-Aviv.

Group Exhibitions
1959 Design exhibition at Medway college of art (Rochester, England).
1977 Cultural center Negev district council.
1979 Independence Day exhibition Be’er-Sheva, Israel.
1980 Be’er-Sheva district council exhibition
1975-1985 Participated in group exhibitions in Israel.
1988-1989 Works shown in the Safrai gallery in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

1976 The Dvora davidson prize for art from the kibbutz Artzi movement.
1979 Special prize for drawing, Independence Day exhibition Be’er-Sheva.

1978 Ceramics wall design for the kibbutz Hatzor dining room 10 meters by 3.5 meters.
         Works in private collections in Israel and other countries.